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July 14, 2015 /General /

Firefox May Prevent Connect Access

Firefox may automatically prevent access to Connect:


To resolve this issue, update Flash Player to the latest patch:


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  • By Matthew Whiteley - 9:42 PM on July 15, 2015   Reply

    Hi Frank,
    I’m the Product Manager for Adobe Connect here at Fidelity Investments. I’d like to learn some details on how Adobe Connect is handling the movement to phase out of Flash plug-in support?
    Is there a roadmap to migrate off Flash and use HTML5 for example?
    This issue has the potential to be a major threat to the tool and users.

    I’d really appreciate any information and feel free to direct message me.
    Thanks very much.

  • By Paige - 1:16 AM on July 17, 2015   Reply

    This is great to know! Thanks for showing us how to resolve the problem.

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