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July 2, 2016 /General /Install /XML API /

Error while uploading license file “there is already another item with this name”

This applies to on-premise Connect accounts only.

In rare situations, you may face a problem while uploading the license file to Adobe Connect.

Error: “There is already another item with this name”

While checking the debug.log you find below (or similar) log snippet:

[06-30 14:18:06,893] console-8510-6 (INFO)  1ms spid:332 com.adobe.connect.dal.PrincipalDAL.getGroupByType(“7”,event-admins)

[06-30 14:18:06,894] console-8510-6 (INFO)  1ms spid:332 update com.macromedia.breeze.model.AclEntry(“7″,”30″,”11016”)

[06-30 14:18:06,895] console-8510-6 (INFO)  1ms spid:332 com.adobe.connect.dal.ConsoleDAL.getShortcutScoByType(shared-training-templates,7)

[06-30 14:18:06,896] console-8510-6 (INFO)  1ms spid:332 com.adobe.connect.dal.ConsoleDAL.updateScoURLPath(“/f1185513619/”,”11020″)

[06-30 14:18:06,898] console-8510-6 (INFO)  0ms spid:332 com.macromedia.airspeed.db.SQLServerUtilityQueries.setIsolationLevel(Disable Isolation)

[06-30 14:18:06,899] console-8510-6 (INFO) Response status: invalid/duplicate

We can find from the logs that it is pointing to Shared-training-templates and giving us a url_path “/f1185513619/” and sco-id “11020“.

Get path details from this api: [Connect domain]/api/xml?action=sco-nav&sco-id=11020

Get to this path and rename the training template folder.  Re-upload license file.  This should resolve the issue.

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