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June 9, 2016 /General /

Connect On-premise: Hosting the Adobe Connect Addin on your own server

This is applicable to Connect 9.5.x, I have not verified the steps in older versions, but Connect 9.0 and higher should share the configuration.

By default even in on-premise environments downloads of the Connect Addin are done from, but you can change the default download location to point to your own server.

To do so, find the AddInInfo.xml here:


And update these two lines with the local path to the addin install files:

<m id=”addInLocation” platform=”Windows”>default</m>
<m id=”addInLocation” platform=”Mac OS 10″>default</m>

with the new local path:
<m id=”addInLocation” platform=”Windows”>/common/addin/setup.exe</m>
<m id=”addInLocation” platform=”Mac OS 10″>/common/addin/AdobeConnectAddin.z</m>


This will give you the Addin that came with your server during install and it may not be up to date. If you want to make sure you provide the very latest addin, download it from our Updates page “Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates“. The Windows version you can download comes in a Zip file which contains a file called AdobeConnectAddin.exe and not setup.exe. Extract the AdobeConnectAddin.exe to the your Connect server in the path as above and update the path in the AddInInfo.xml to reflect the new filename.



If you have a reason to continue using an older version of the Windows Addin you should rename the setup.exe in order to workaround a reported vulnerability.

Just go to this path /common/addin/setup.exe on your server and rename the setup.exe file to something else, i.e. AdobeConnectAddin.exe.

Then, update the download location in the AddInInfo.xml files accordingly:

<m id=”addInLocation” platform=”Windows”>/common/addin/AdobeConnectAddin.exe</m>





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