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Docker Container apiGW does not start after Rebooting the WebRTC Server | Adobe connect

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Docker container apiGW does not start after rebooting the WebRTC server


  • Adobe Connect on-premise only
  • Adobe Connect version 12.5.1 and above

SOLUTION: You may manually set the restart policy apiGW docker container with these steps:
1. Search for the file in /home/ec2-user/connect/startup-delay/
NOTE: We need to change the user – ec2-user since it is specific to AWS environment.
2. Browse to the directory cd ~/.config/systemd/user/
3. Open the file container-apigw.service in edit mode without root login. 
4. Replace the line
ExecStart=/usr/bin/podman start apigw
ExecStart=/home/ec2-user/connect/startup-delay/ apigw
NOTE: The above value depends on our search in step 1.
5. Save the file container-apigw.service
6. Run this command sudo systemctl daemon-reload (You may need to use the root login if it does not work with normal user)

Adobe connect 12.5.1, Enhanced Audio/Video Server