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Recording does not start in Enhanced/WebRTC meeting room | Adobe Connect

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Recording does not start in WebRTC meeting room


  • Adobe Connect on-premise only
  • Adobe Connect version 12.4.1 onward


  • On the Signaling node check all docker containers – docker ps -a
  • Restart the hcr containers – docker restart hcrx (hcrx can be hcr1, hcr2 and so on)
  • Follow the hcr1 logs with command – docker logs — follow hcrx (hcrx can be hcr1, hcr2 and so on)
  • Try to start the recording again and check the hcr logs
  • If you see the error: “HCR”, “msg”: “Invalid request parameters given.
  • Check the CPS domain in ~/ncc-onprem-installer/Config/config.conf again as hcr is unable to reach this domain.
  • If the domain is incorrect then correct it and run these commands under ~/ncc-onprem-installer/:
  • Verify that you are able to contact the CPS domain (noted in the config.conf file) from the Linux server:
    curl -v <CPS-Server-domain>
    Example: curl -v

Verify if redis is available with command:

  • docker exec -it redis redis-cli
  • keys *avbl*
  • If the result in “empty array” then redis itself is busy.
Adobe connect 12.5.1, Enhanced Audio/Video Server