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Diagnostic Button on Adobe Connect 10.6.2 Hosted Meeting Test Page does not Function

If you have installed the new Adobe Connect 11 Meeting Application for Windows clients, when you launch the Adobe Connect Meeting test page in Windows from a production version 10.6.2a hosted Meeting room and click the diagnostics button, it fails and offers instead the option to download and save the test_sgn.swf file; don’t bother with the download. This is what it looks like:

Within any 10.6.2 Meeting>Help>Troubleshoot>Run Diagnostic Test

The Run Diagnostic Test code on the Adobe Connect version 10.6.2 servers will not work with the Adobe Connect 11 Meeting Application; instead of running the diagnostics, it will appear to invoke the Meeting Application then offer a download:

This issue will be solved with the server-side upgrades to Adobe Connect 11, so the inconvenience will be short-lived. In the meantime, one limited workaround is just to hit the diagnostic page on our Adobe Connect 11 pre-release server where we are testing the latest versions. This will run diagnostics in HTML from our Oregon-based data-center preview cluster:

The pre-release link noted above will give you the experience that you will have when your cluster is upgraded to Adobe Connect 11. To see when your Adobe Connect hosted account will be upgraded, enter your Adobe Connect hosted domain-name into the widget on our downloads page:

Another quick solution prior to the upgrade is to uninstall the Adobe Connect 11 Meeting application and install the prior Adobe Connect Meeting application for version 10. It is available on the downloads page: Since the time is so short with the upgrade to version 11 pending so soon, downgrading the Meeting application is not recommended.

When hitting the Adobe Connect 11 Test page from within an Adobe Connect 11 Meeting on an upgraded server, the Run Diagnostic Test button will invoke HTML and will work fine:

See what the experience will be here from an Adobe Connect 11 Meeting room:

Adobe Connect version 11 is coming soon. See the release notes here:

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