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Curriculum reports

Curriculum reports show how learners use a curriculum and the courses and virtual classrooms in the curriculum. The curriculum report lists summary information, such as how many learners are enrolled and how many are in progress. The report also shows information about learners enrolled in the curriculum, including their name, status, and the last time they accessed the curriculum.The curriculum objects report lists information by learning objects, usually a course or virtual classroom. You can see data such as the name of the learning object, the average learner score for the object, and if prerequisites are set. Viewing curriculum object data can help you analyze how learners are using specific objects within a curriculum.How to create curriculum reports

  1. Log in to Adobe Connect Central and click Reports.
  2. Click Curriculum.
  3. Select a curriculum from the Training library and click Next.
  4. Click Specify Report Filters. (Optional) Enter a date range and/or select a specific User Group(s).
  5. Click Add or Remove Report Fields. Select and deselect the fields to display in the report.
  6. Click Options. Select the curriculum report to create: Curriculum Report or Curriculum Report Showing Curriculum Objects.
  7. Click Create Report.
  8. (Optional) If you selected Curriculum Report Showing Curriculum Objects in step 6, click the name of any learning object in the generated report. Clicking a name creates a report about the specific learning object.


The table lists the specific information that appears in columns within curriculum reports. All column headings do not appear in all curriculum reports.

Column heading Description
Active version If there are multiple versions of the curriculum object, the latest version is listed here.
Average score The average learner score for the curriculum object.
Certificate A system-generated number that proves the learner completed the curriculum and provides the learner with a unique ID. (Curriculum status for a learner must be complete or passed to receive a certificate number.)
Contents Description of curriculum object, such as presentation or Flash movie file.
First name First name of the learner enrolled in the curriculum.
Group All groups the learner is a member of are listed here. This column does not sort.
Last access Last time the learner opened the curriculum.
Last name Last name of the learner enrolled in the curriculum.
Learning object Name of the learning object.
Number complete Learners who have completed the curriculum.
Number enrolled Learners who have enrolled in the curriculum.
Number in progress Learners who have started, but not yet completed the curriculum.
Number not started Learners who have not started the curriculum.
Percentage complete Percentage of learners who have “Completed” status for the curriculum object.
Prerequisites Curriculum objects that must be completed before attempting the curriculum object listed on this line.
Required or Optional States if learner must complete the curriculum object to complete the curriculum or if the object is optional.
Status Where the learner is in the curriculum workflow. For example, the learner has not opened the course (Not Started), has opened but not completed the course (In Progress), or has finished the course (Complete).
Test Outs Curriculum objects that can be completed instead of the object listed on this line.
Type Description of the curriculum object.
Version If multiple versions of the curriculum were uploaded, this column states which version the learner used.
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