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April 26, 2013 /General /

Adobe Connect supported cameras and mic

Adobe Connect supports most cameras and video cards.  Adobe doesn’t maintain a list of supported cameras and video cards because there are too many combinations to test.We essentially have a statement about what we do support in theory.

To broadcast video from the Camera and Voice pod in Adobe Connect Meeting, the operating system must have a valid camera driver. If the operating system doesn’t have a valid camera driver, Adobe Connect cannot use the camera.  Adobe Connect uses the operating system API to check for the camera driver.  Typically most cameras, including high def and professional cameras will support this.

If your camera or video card doesn’t work with Adobe Connect, you can provide the camera and video card specifications from the manufacturer to us and we can determine if this is compatible.

All that said, we’ve certainly had customers use professional camera setups (multiple cameras with a switch) or video production quality cameras with operators following the action in live events, etc, but at the very end of the setup, the feed has to be going into a PC that is hooked into Adobe Connect and that connection is the one you’d bring into the Camera and Video pod.  We have had customers with very high end setups with audio and video mixers, etc. but the camera feed needs to go into a supported video card in a computer that is running an Adobe Connect session, and that feed needs to be brought into the Camera pod.

You can try any type of camera you have access to, as long as there is a valid webcam driver that Flash Player (Connect Meeting Addin) can detect in the Operating System.  It’s essentially the same mechanism if you use Google’s Gmail with Video Chat.  When you try to select a camera in the dropdown in Gmail settings, it will detect the available camera/drivers.  Connect is the exact same thing.

The following webcams don’t work well in the meeting Video Pod.

  • Creative VF0260
  • Microsoft VX 3000
  • Osprey 230 video card

Problem: use osprey 230 video card and publish camera stream and when user resizes the video pod or changes the layout which has a  bug video pod the camera stream freezes.

*** This issue is fixed in 9.1 that is coming out later this year (with a new add-in).


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