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Updated April 4, 2019

Connect On-premise Server Email Fails to Send

Issue: An Adobe Connect server or cluster may be unable to send administrative email such as those replies triggered by password reset requests.

Environment: On-premise Adobe Connect servers and clusters.

Cause: Sundry – possibly an an inability of Connect to leverage the SMTP server

Troubleshooting step 1: Sometimes we need to increase the SMTP timeout in Connect:

Adding this to the Connect server custom.ini file and restarting the services may help in some cases depending on the SMTP configuration on the mail server.


Troubleshooting step 2: Overwriting the validator with a newer one may also help (depending on the source of the problem):

Place it in \appserv\web\WEB-INF\lib\  and rename the new version to whatever the old version in the folder was. This is a known fix for some newer email domain extensions that are now available.

Troubleshooting step 3: Enable logging for debugging email issues if the issue persists:

Backup a copy and edit <connect_home>/<version>/appserv/conf/log4j.xml file.

1. Ensure DEBUGLOG level is set to “DEBUG”
<appender name=”DEBUGLOG” class=”com.macromedia.breeze.log4j.DailyRollingAndCleaningFileAppender”>
<param name=”Threshold” value=”DEBUG”/>

2.  Add following logger entry
<logger name=”com.sun.mail.smtp”>
<appender-ref ref=”DEBUGLOG”/>

The content of the debug logs may help to further diagnose and troubleshoot the issue if needed. As with most verbose logging options, it is prudent to turn them off after resolution to avoid any superfluous system overhead.

Troubleshooting step 4: Use the Connect Web Services API to further isolate the issue:

An easy way to tell from a Connect-perspective, whether an Event email was sent from Connect is: /api/xml?action=report-event-notifications-success&target-acl-id=xxxxxx&mode=csv

Where ‘target-acl-id’ = the sco-id of the Event.

It will download a CSV with the below format so you can see who got what and when.  The Status is important: Email has status sent but email was not delivered – we are unable to track the email delivery status. If email was successfully propagated to SMTP server then status will be Sent. If during this action some error occurs status will be Bounced/Error.


Troubleshooting step 5: Examine the Connect Database in SQL for Email History:

Run following queries:
SELECT * FROM pps_actions WHERE [status] IN (‘S’, ‘P’, ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘R’)
SELECT * FROM pps_actions WHERE [status] IN (‘N’, ‘R’)


Troubleshooting step 6: Examine the debug logs:

With reference to my blog article on server side logs: Generating Server-side Logs to Troubleshoot On-premise Connect Deployments, look for an operation size error in the debug logs.

StatusException$OperationSizeError: <status code=”operation-size-error” subcode=”100000″/>

If you see this error associated with the failed email attempt, then you may need to increase the following variables in the custom.ini file in the root Connect installation directory.

By default, the DB_MAX_ROWS value is 10,000 and DB_TRANS_MAX_UPDATES is 200, so you would want to increase the limit to a higher value. Do not go too high as it may affect performance. The following variables are usually sustainable although testing is prudent:



After adding these lines to the custom.ini file, save the file and cycle the Connect and Adobe Media Server  Services

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