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Why does my Connect Hosted Multitenancy Login Page Allow Accounts

Environment: Adobe Connect hosted accounts on the domain are multitenancy as the domain is shared by many different corporations, schools, government agencies, etc.  Currently there are 15 clusters distributed in data-centers globally supporting the domain.


  • While it is uncommon, a single hosted client may have more than one account on the same hosted cluster.
  • And while it will be even more uncommon, sometimes that same client may choose to use the same password for both accounts on that same cluster
  • At the login page two steps are required in order to differentiate the subdomains on
  • See the pictures below of my login on cluster NA3 in our Dallas data-center where I have two accounts and both have the same password for testing purposes:

Logging in on Connect versions prior to 9.5.7:



Choose the appropriate account: In this case meetaccountone.



  • The workflow pictured above has been changed in 9.5.7; as an enhancement to limit the possibility of erroneously trying to gain access to the wrong account, you will further be required to supply the sub-domain name in these instances..

Logging in on Connect versions prior to 9.5.7:


In this case I will choose the sub-domain meetaccountone:


This will facilitate login to the intended sub-domain:


Additional Information:

Failure to enter the correct domain will invoke the error message: Invalid Account URL, user or password. Please try again.


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