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October 3, 2019 /General /Meeting /

Character Limits in Adobe Connect Meeting Pods

Here are the current Adobe Connect Connect 10.5.1 character limits for each Meeting pod:

Q&A Pod

  • Asking a question: 1024 characters
  • Answering a question: 1024 characters
  • There is not limit on the number of questions that can be asked in the Q&A pod

 Adobe Connect Meeting Chat Pod supports:

  • Sending a chat message: 1024 characters
  • First time history fetch: 250 messages
    • Upon joining any meeting,  the most recent 250 messages are fetched from the server.
    • If there were more than 250 messages, scrolling up will not display the older messages. To read those older messages, simply choose the option to email the chat content
  • Character limit retained in the chat: 50,000 RTF characters (after which it is trimmed to half or 25,000 characters)
    • The character trimming executes every time the character count reaches 50,000
    • The warning message reappears when the character count reaches 80%  of the limit
    • Emailing the chat while the warning message is still on will email the entire chat thread

 Notes Pod

  • By default the limit is 10,000 RTF characters for all the hosted accounts
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  • By Sherri Wormstead - 5:42 PM on October 7, 2019   Reply

    Thanks so much for this post–had recently seen “reaching max limit” in the chat pod which is very concerning because of how I often leverage that (and the notes pod) in meetings. Regarding the chat pod “trimmed to half” when it reaches 50,000 RTF characters, does that trim 1/2 of the earlier chat in the thread? So that, e.g., when that notice appears, if we email the chat transcript, then we won’t loose any of the prior chat (because we’ll have it email), we just won’t be able to see the earlier messages? Just making sure we understand how this works. Also–do you think the max will be increased over time (is that being worked on)? Thanks!

    • By Frank DeRienzo - 8:22 PM on October 10, 2019   Reply

      Hi Sherri, Thank you for your inquiry. I updated the article with answers to your questions.

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