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April 18, 2022 /Administration /

Cannot upload CSV file with list of users

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Cannot upload CSV file with list of users.

Error message shows:


  • Adobe Connect on-premise/Hosted
  • Adobe connect Administration


  1. Check Debug.log (Location – \Connect\logs\support). If it shows this error:
    [04-13 13:15:55,020] https-8443-47 (INFO) 1ms spid:622 PrincipalDAL.getPasswordRules(password-days-to-expire,password-requires-digit,password-requires-capital-letter,password-requires-special-chars,password-min-length,password-max-length,password-number-tracked,password-requires-special-characters,”xxxxxxx”)
    [04-13 13:15:55,020] https-8443-47 (INFO) XXX – minimum length error. Pwd must be > than 12 [04-13 13:15:55,020] https-8443-47 (INFO) Exception thrown com.macromedia.airspeed.StatusException$Invalid$Range: <status code=”invalid”><invalid field=”password” type=”string” subcode=”range” min=”12″ max=”32″/></
  2. Go to Administration> Users & Groups > Edit Login & Password policies.
  3. Check the Password length policy and edit the password in the CSV file or edit the “Minimum password length” field.


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