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Updated May 5, 2023

A Functioning Browser is Needed on Adobe Connect Servers On-premise

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With the end of life of Microsoft Internet Explorer, restrictive STIGs and GPOs, some on-premise Adobe Connect Servers, particularly those on internal networks, may no longer have a functioning browser installed locally on the Adobe Connect Server. Without a functioning browser, the Adobe Connect Administrator will not be able to launch the Adobe Connect Server Console for a plethora of administrative options such as to update server licenses, manage the LDAP settings or adjust the parameters for Shared Storage.

It is prudent to check any on-premise Adobe Connect Server to make sure a browser is functional before there is any emergency need to use the console, such as the expiration of a license of need to add shared storage end points. Any browser installed locally on the server will work as long as it is allowed to gain access to:


Once in launched, either from the installed shortcut or directly from the installed browser locally, the tabs offer the various option such as to update the license either form a local file or from the cloud via a URL:

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