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January 14, 2015 /Application /General /

Apache Tomcat and Adobe Connect Upgrades

The current shipping on-premise version of Tomcat with Connect version 9.8 is TC 8.0.45. The target release for TC 9.0.10 is Connect version 10.1. The question sometimes comes up: May the Apache Tomcat server that is bundled with Connect be upgraded separately without upgrading the entire Connect server?

The Adobe Connect server architecture includes a number of different integrated components. We generally do not recommend upgrading any of the components parts except as part of an officially released Connect upgrade, updater or patch. This includes Tomcat, FMS/AMS, AEM and JRE updates.

The primary reasons for waiting for a full Connect installer or Connect updater instead of upgrading individual components separately include integration or customization and testing of updated components. The updated components may not always be vanilla off-the-shelf versions and the quality assurance test battery that the Adobe Connect engineering team puts each release through insures that all components work seamlessly together. Our quality assurance process is intense and always culminates in a full internal production roll-out to all of Adobe well ahead of external production deployments.

Customer attempts to upgrade specific integrated components of Connect are unsupported and can result in bringing down an on-premise Connect server and recovery may require re-installation or restoration from a backup image with commensurate risk of data loss. The very best one could hope for with any such out-of-band component upgrade attempt would be an operational but unsupported Connect server configuration that has bypassed all the regular performance/longevity tests done as part of Connect releases. The risk may be high.

To see what versions you are running of Connect and of all its components, simply append version.txt to the published domain name of your Adobe Connect server. For example:

To review the latest Adobe Connect on-premise server updater installers, see:

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