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Adobe Connect Hosted IP Addresses are Changing the First Week of May 2024

This information in this article affects only those Adobe Connect Hosted customers who have made network or firewall exceptions to trust Adobe Connect Hosted servers by IP as authentic targets of outbound traffic. The DNS A-record names of the fully qualified domain names of the Adobe Connect Hosted servers will not change, only the IP addresses as we upgrade from IPV4 to IPV6.

The Adobe Connect support team has reached out to all hosted customers who we have listed as those who have made proxy or firewall exceptions by IP to accommodate the RTMPS streaming protocol on their network. If you need help with this, please contact Adobe Connect Support or comment here on this article and we will provide the list of IP addresses specific to your Adobe Connect Hosted account.

For more information on the symptoms of blocking the RTMPS stream to Adobe Connect, see this tech-note:

The ports required for Enhanced Audio/Video WebRTC will not change and can be found here:

The IP ranges for WebRTC will not change and are documented in this Helpx Tech-note:

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