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March 25, 2015 /General /

Adobe Connect Burst Packs

What is a Burst Pack?

A Burst Pack is a licensing model option that allows customers to temporarily exceed licensed capacity when attendance rate in a Connect meeting room is higher than usual. This enables extra participants to join (instead of them being blocked) and deduct incremental traffic from prepaid quota, on a per-user per-minute basis.
Burst Packs are available only on hosted accounts. They are not available for licensed on-prem customers.

Why are we offering Burst Packs?

We are offering this for flexibility so that customers can temporarily exceed their current licensed capacity, in the event the attendance rate of their meeting(s) is higher than expected. Instead if blocking access to extra participants, participants can get in and their attendance is charged on a per-user per-minute basis

Burst Pack usage options in Adobe Connect

Under Administration > Administration Dashboard: graph to view “Burst Pack usage” (Image 1).

  • y-axis represents minutes scale
  • hovering over bar (chart) to show current balance value (in min)

Note: Burst Pack minutes are not calculated immediately as they are used up. It can take up to an hour (or sometimes longer) for used Burst Pack minutes to be reflected in this report.

How to show current remaining Burst Pack minutes

Image 1

Burst Pack Consumption Report

Under Reports > System Usage: option for “Burst Pack” in the drop-down menu (Image 2).

Run BP report

Image 2

When the report is created, it shows differently based on which licensing model your account uses, whether Named Host or Concurrent Users. Image 3 below shows the report for Named Host licensing model. Image 4 further down shows the report generated if your account uses the Concurrent Users licensing model.

BP Report for Named Hosts Model

Image 3


BP Report for Concurrent Users Model

Image 4


Capacity Planning

Adobe Connect can be configured to notify you when your purchased Burst Pack minutes are close to being used up, or when they have been used up entirely.

Under Administration > Account > Notifications: look for “Burst Packs” section to configure capacity alerts for burst packs (Image 5).

BP Notifications Configuration

Image 5


If you select the Display on Login Page option, then when an administrator logs in to the Adobe Connect web site, they will receive a notification similar to what is shown in Image 6.

Sample Display of BP Usage Notification

Image 6


If you select the Send Email option, then your configured administrator email account will receive an email notification similar to what is shown in Image 7.

Sample BP Notification Email

Image 7

Frequently Asked Questions relating to Burst Packs

  • What is a Burst Pack? How does it work?
    Burst Pack is a credit of prepaid meeting minutes. Burst Pack gives you a buffer for meetings the attendance rate of which exceeds your licensed capacity. Instead of preventing extra participants (i.e. participants above your licensed limit) from joining the room, extra participants are admitted into the room. Incremental traffic is deducted from the Burst Pack credit at the end of the meeting. For example, if you have a license limit of 10 users, and 20 users join the room for 30 minutes, then the calculation for minutes used is as follows: (Total attendance minus License Limit) times Minutes, or (20 Р10) * 30 = 300 Burst Pack Minutes Used.
  • How many additional users can join with Burst Pack enabled?
    Burst pack allows you to have attendees in your room up to five times your licensed limit. In other words, if your limit is 10 users, then you can have up to 50 users with Burst Pack enabled. Why this limit? It provides you with a de facto cap on the variable cost for your meeting. If you often run meetings larger than your licensed capacity, you should contact Adobe to increase your current license capacity.
  • How is it possible that my usage exceeds 100% of my quota?
    Because your burst pack quota may be exceeded while you are in a meeting or while your new order is being processed, Adobe allows you to go beyond quota temporarily to ensure service continuity. However failure to renew your burst pack quota and repeated overuse would result in the suspension of this feature.
  • Is the reported balance accurate? How often is it updated?
    The balance is updated after each meeting but it may take up to an hour (or sometimes longer) to be reflected in the graphs or reports.
  • Where can I check my Burst Pack balance?
    Log on Adobe Connect Central as an admin and go to Administration > Administration dashboard
  • What happens if the overage quota for my account is exhausted?
    Once your overage quota has been exhausted, you will no longer be able to exceed your licensed capacity. Extra participants (i.e. participants above your licensed limit) will be denied from joining meeting rooms. You should contact Adobe or your Adobe reseller to order additional overage minutes (Burst Pack).
  • What happens if our overage quota is reached during a meeting session? Will the additional and/or new participants to this session be removed from the meeting?
    Existing participants beyond your quota will not be removed from the room when a meeting session is in progress. However new entrants may be blocked from joining.
  • Do Burst Pack minutes expire?
    No. Burst Pack minutes do not expire.



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