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September 16, 2012 /Install /

Adobe Connect 9 Installer Fails; SMTP Settings; Invalid email error

Problem :

I am running the Adobe Connect 9 installer on my server and I am unable to go beyond the mail settings window.

My SMTP host works fine with other applications, but it somehow doesn’t work with the Adobe Connect. I am putting a valid email address under System Email field, however, it still comes up with an “Invalid Email ” error.





Environment :

Adobe Connect Licensed

Reason :

If your company has a three level domain email address or greater and you are trying to configure that with Adobe Connect 9 installer; like, xyz@abc.xx.xx, you might run into this issue.

Solution :

This has been identified as a known issue in the Connect 9 installer. Here’s how we can workaround this & complete the install :

1- Run the Connect 9 installer normally until you get to the Mail Settings window

2- Leave all the SMTP Settings fields empty

3- Put a two level test email address in the System email & Support email address fields, like, 

4- Carry on with the rest of the installation steps and complete the installation.

5- You would encounter the same issue on Create Administrator screen. You may apply the same workaround there as well.

6- Once the installation completes successfully, open the Connect console page, http://localhost:8510/console

7- Open the Server settings page & put the values of your valid smtp server settings and email address under Mail Settings section now.

8- You will be able to enter the correct details(three level or greater domain) of your smtp server now.

9- Contact support for any help or questions.





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