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September 15, 2022 /Adobe Connect 12 /Install /

Adobe Connect 12 – NCC installation Invalid Repository Reference Error

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Objective :

This Technote is applicable to on-premise deployments installing the New Connect Installer(NCC) during part of Connect 12 install/upgrade.

Following exception might be observed while installing the NCC Installer on the Adobe Connect 12 Red Hat server :

Solution :

Please follow the following steps on your Red Hat server if you run into this error immediately during the NCC installation :-

  1. Navigate to the installer folder where installer files are copied to your Red Hat server :
     cd ncc-onprem-installer
  1. Rename the images dir :
     mv Images images
  1. Update global constants : 
     sed -i 's/Images\//images\//' Installer/utils/

  1. Uninstall – Execute
  2. Reinstall – Execute

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