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Updated October 22, 2019

Windows Clients Tunneling in Adobe Connect Meetings

The newest Adobe Connect Meeting Application for Windows including the standalone, lightning and MSI downloads here:

Some legacy Windows 7 clients (and others with later client Windows OS versions) may tunnel into Meetings or experience other connectivity issues when using the latest Meeting application.

To solve this and allow a direct RTMP(S) connection to Connect Meetings for these legacy clients, there are two possible options:

The first approach is to Add the following line to the mms.cfg file in either: /Windows/system32/Macromed/Flash (32-bit Windows) or /Windows/SysWOW64/Macromed/Flash (64-bit Windows).


If the affected Windows 7 client does not have an mms.cfg file, you may create one or download one from here:

Extract the mms.cfg file and place a copy in: /Windows/system32/Macromed/Flash (32-bit Windows) or /Windows/SysWOW64/Macromed/Flash (64-bit Windows).

Simply add this line to the existing  mms.cfg on win 7 clients that are tunneling (where no other clients tunnel). Edit it or create it (it is a simple file to create) or download it and place into the directory listed above.

There is a second option for legacy Windows 7 clients. You may update the client with the following TLS patches: 

For more details on tunneled connection into Meetings, see the following article:

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