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August 15, 2013 /General /

While screen sharing Powerpoint application if user clicks on Import Video/SWF button of Adobe Presenter, other users dont see Import Video/SWF modal dialog box.

1. Enter in a meeting as a host and as a participant.
2. Open Powerpoint which has Adobe Presenter addin installed.
3. Now select share my share button in meeting’s share pod.
4.Select application radio button in the screen sharing dialog box that comes up.
5. Select Powerpoint application and start sharing.
6. Now click on Adobe Presenter tab in Powerpoint.
7. Click on import Video button in the Adobe Presenter tab.
8. The Import Video modal dialog box will appear.
9. Observe the screen from participant’s meeting client.

Other users see hashed area instead of the modal dialog box.

This is expected. Import dialog of presenter is a separate process and thus can not be shared while doing application sharing. Only the parent process’ screen is shared.


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