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February 17, 2017 /Meeting /

Webcam video appears black or frozen in Adobe Connect meeting room

Issue :

Webcam video appears black or frozen in Adobe Connect meeting room.

Environment :

  • Adobe Connect Hosted and on-premise
  • Adobe Connect any version


The Video resolution/frame rate being sent by the camera is higher than the supported limits in Connect meetings

Resolution :

  • Install the latest version of Connect add-in and make sure to open Adobe Connect meeting in the add-in.
  • Make sure your camera driver is up to date.
  • If you are using an HD camera then change the output resolution and fps of your webcam to match it with the adobe connect recommended and supported settings (640*480 @ 20 fps).

Additional Information :

  • The highest Video quality levels supported by Adobe Connect is 640*480 resolution at 20 fps. If a black box appears or the video freezes during the live meeting in the video pod, then there could be an indication that the webcam is sending too high a resolution or frame rate, which is beyond the supported limits of Flash player. For more detailed information about various specifications and quality levels please refer to this article :
  • If you don’t have the option to change the resolution and fps of your webcam then you can make use of any third party software to tweak the parameters. There as several software’s which can act as a virtual webcam and help lower down the resolution and frame rate potentially. Software like Manycam and Cyberlink Youcam should help you achieve the recommended settings.



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