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February 26, 2014 /General /

Some Basic Facts about VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol),UV(Unified Voice) and Integrated Telephony in regards to Adobe connect.

Description:- The basic facts of these three components of connect meeting audio element( VOIP,UV and Integrated Telephony)  ( This Article is for License/on premises software users however hosted users can also use this to understand the concept behind these elements)

Connect can record both VOIP and telephony streams only if UV(Unified Stream) is there. To be able to configure UV on connect, user has to have FMG setup/configured and a SIP provider or probably an on premises SIP server of their own.

Now there are many options to disable a provider to use UV:

  • First No FMG server setup
  • No/incorrect dial-in sequence in telephony-setting.xml for any particular adaptor.
  • UV is not enabled by itself for any adaptor unless FMG is configured with connect server.

In all the above situations you will see a Radio Button in the audio conference settings as shown below:


Radio button implies that you can either use VOIP or Integrated Telephony in the meeting room. If you choose VOIP all the streams are available to connect and hence can be recorded at the Connect end itself. However if you choose ‘Using Phone’ radio button, connect system doesn’t know about the telephony streams due to absence of FMG/UV. In this situation recording will be done remotely at the audio bridge end ( in other words at provider end ) and will later be integrated with the connect recording.

Now If FMG is Present and configured and UV is enabled :

Connect system knows whereabouts of both the VOIP and the integrated telephony streams and hence doesn’t need remote recording. But again there is an option in Connect console, where you can force recordings to be done at the Bridge end, this just acts as an insurance in case Connect fails to record something at its end, remote recording can be integrated later with the Connect-voice-less recording.

In case of UV only providers – the one that you create by providing a dial-in-sequence in My Audio providers in Connect webapp – you always have a dial-in sequence, so you will always see check-boxes in the meeting room audio conference settings. In this case remote recording is NOT used, as Connect has all the voice streams information it needs to create a recording.


I hope this helps in understanding some facts about voip,uv and integrated telephony.



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