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July 26, 2012 /Training /

User can’t be added to either Learners group or Training Managers group


User can’t be added to either Training Mangers Group or Learners Group. While trying to add an user to either of these groups we get an error: “Operation Size error”.


The problem occurs because Named Training Learners is set to 0 and if you check the Current Group Members for Learners Group you would find Training Managers Group to be added into Learners Group. Since the Training Learners Limit is set to 0 neither you can add nor delete any user from it because it should have a value greater than 0 in the database to allow those changes. Please see the licensing details below in case of this very issue.

In order to verify the issue, login to your account and check under Administration Tab to see if Named Training Learners limit is set to 0/0.

Named Learner Pricing Model

Training Managers:   1 / Unlimited
Named Training Learners:   0 / 0
Training Concurrent Learner License Limit:   Unlimited

Solution :

Call Adobe Support and provide the following KB to support engineer:

Note: The above KB is internal to Adobe and is not accessible publicly.


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