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December 5, 2013 /Seminars /

Seminar Session Extensions Explained

In Adobe Connect 9.1.1, when you schedule Seminar Sessions, we allow extensions for a certain period of time should you need to go over your allotted (scheduled) session time.  This is handy if you need to wrap up a session that is obviously running a little later than planned.  If there are no other Seminar Sessions scheduled up against your Seminar Session, you can extend a session (depending on when the next session is scheduled to start).  Best case scenario, the maximum extension time for a session is up to 70 total minutes (technically) if there is enough free time on the Seminar Calendar.  But that is ONLY if the conditions are just right.  That maximum (best case scenario) is 2 x 30 minute extensions + a 10 minute shutdown warning countdown.  Here’s the breakdown of how all this works.

Once your scheduled time of your Seminar Session is up, one of two things can happen if you need to go longer:

1) If there is a Seminar Session that is schedule to start in the open time slot on the Seminar Calendar immediately following your session, you will only get prompted for the 10 minute shutdown.  This means that in 10 minutes, your session will terminate because another session was scheduled to begin immediately after your session was scheduled to end.  So basically it’s no real extension other than the 10 minute warning.


Once the 10 minutes is up, the session ends and all users are disconnected from the session due to the conflict of the other session being active.

2) If there isn’t a Seminar Session that is scheduled to start in the open time slot on the Seminar Calendar immediately following your session, you will get prompted for a 30 minute extension (as shown below). It is automatic.  The prompt is shown to hosts.


Once that first 30 minute extension is up, Adobe Connect will check the Seminar Calendar again for a session coming up against your active session.  At this point, one of two things will happen (similar to above):

1) If there is no other upcoming session again on the calendar, it will trigger one more 30 minute extension (as shown below):


2) If there IS a session on the calendar that is going to start, you will get the 10 minute warning instead.  Meaning that your session was able to go just 40 minutes over the end time (first 30 min extension + 10 minute warning).


If you did get the second 30 minute extension, after the second 30 minute extension is up (so currently having been extended for 60 total minutes passed your initial end time of the session), you will no longer be given another 30 minute extension option and instead, you will be presented with the 10 minute warning (even if there is no other session coming up on the Seminar Calendar). This means that in total, you would have been granted 70 extra minutes of extension before the session ends (30 + 30 + 10), should the conditions have been just right on the Seminar Calendar.

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