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Updated May 27, 2020

Reporting a PDF as Read in the Adobe Connect

Allow the PDF files to be modified for tracking: In order to gather reports on viewing of PDF content in the Adobe Connect Content Library, be sure to allow the PDF files to be modified for tracking.  PDF files that are imported into the Adobe Connect Content library that are modified for tracking will remain marked as reporting in progress until the learner has viewed all of the pages in the PDF. That is the built-in functionality of PDF tracking. If you want a PDF file to be marked as complete immediately upon launch without this built-in PDF tracking functionality, you may simply password protect the PDF from being modified, but if you do this, be sure to leave the PDF without a password to either open or view or even print the file, otherwise the learner may be prompted. This will set the PDF file as not modified for purposes of Adobe Connect tracking and it will then be marked as completed immediately upon launch.

Acrobat Reader browser dependency:  While testing PDF tracking in Adobe Connect, we see that the browser and Acrobat Reader interact. For example, when learners use Chrome without Acrobat Reader installed none of them tracked in Chrome during sundry tests; this is as expected because it requires the Acrobat Reader to work. There is also a Chrome extension:  chrome://extensions/

And then also testing on Internet Explorer with Acrobat Reader installed, all PDF files tracked and supported resume and completion in Internet Explorer as expected.

You can  confirm that a PDF file that is imported into the Content tab has been modified for tracking by looking at it in the Content Library:

If it has been modified: Content Modified: Content has been modified for tracking in Adobe Connect

If it has not been modified: Content Modified: Content has not been modified for tracking in Adobe Connect.

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