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April 25, 2015 /General /

Reducing the Number of Ports Listening on an Adobe Connect Server

Some ports that are not being used can be shut off:

Port 1111 is listening as part of the Flash Media Administration Service.  It does not serve any needed function and may be shut off as part of hardening or simply conservation of resources.

Note: Do not confuse the Flash Media Administration Service with the Flash Media Server or FMS, while the former is unneeded, the latter runs the Meeting server.

Port 2222 may also be closed. The Flash Media Gateway (FMG) service may be listening on that port if is was installed with Connect. If you are not using FMG for Unified Voice Telephony, then you may shut off that service as well.

Shut off and set to manual or disable either of both under the services MMC:


You may also quickly use commands to stop the ports instantly from listening; go to the command prompt with elevated permissions:

  • Run net stop fmsadmin (or sc stop fmsadmin)
  • Run net stop fmg (or sc stop fmg)
  • Run netstat -an|find “1111” or netstat -an|find “2222”to make sure they are down (or sc query fmsadmin or sc query fmg )

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