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October 10, 2012 /Install /

Presenter 8 Enterprise Deployment

As more organizations look to deploy Presenter 8 on their networks,  users may discover that as part of the install and setup, Adobe ID credentials are required now to complete the installation.

To work around this, IT administrators will have to create an install package via the AAMEE tool. The IT administrator will have to enter a valid Adobe ID/Password while creating the package and that ID will be used during the enterprise deployment installations.  There will be no Adobe ID login requests at client machines as that is taken care of by AAMEE during package deployment.

The deployment guide on the AAMEE link below says the following:

You can choose options that affect the behavior of the installed applications, such as suppressing the display of the EULA upon launch of the installed programs on end-user systems, and suppressing registration prompts, automatic updating activity and the Adobe Product Improvement program for the installed products.

The deployment guide and FAQs are pretty exhaustive and should answer and address most of the questions users and admins should have.



Also, AAMEE is the only supported tool for silent installation for enterprises.

Should users or admins have problems with this tool not deploying as desired, please share the steps, package details and logs (OOBElib.log and PDApp.log file of client machine) with the Adobe Support Team.




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