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PPTX Conversion Fails after Upgrading to Adobe Connect 11.2.3

After upgrading to Adobe Connect 11.2.3, uploaded PPTX files will fail to convert unless you add the library,  Visual C++ Redistributable x86 on connect server. This is a new dependency for the new Presenter version installed with Connect to facilitate conversions of PPTX.

The good news is that the updated version of Adobe Presenter on the server solves many conversion issues we had seen popping up with the older version. Keeping Adobe Presenter up with newest PPTX features to facilitate accurate conversions is always ongoing.

Note: When Adobe Presenter is used server side colocated with Adobe Connect, it is sometimes referred to as Producer rather than Presenter.

The error in Adobe Connect Central generated by the failure to convert will look like this:

The error in the logs will look like this: “…BaseServlet exception: Conversion failed with retcode -1073741515

In Adobe Connect Meetings, the conversion will fail in both Standard View and Classic View unless the Visual C++ Redistributable x86 library is added to the server.

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