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Learner reports

Learner reports show all course, virtual classroom, and curriculum activity for an individual or group. The individual learner report enables you to see how a learner is progressing through assigned training. Detailed information in the report includes number of assignments given to the learner, number completed, number in progress, and number not started. The group learner report shows similar information, but for an entire group instead of a single learner.Learner reports are useful because they show details about how individuals and groups are using your courses and curriculums. You can determine if learners are taking and completing training assignments, how quickly they are working, and what scores they are receiving.

How to create learner reports

1.    Log in to Adobe Connect Central and click Reports.
2.    Click Learner.
3.    From the menu, select a Learner report type: Individual Learner or Group.
4.    Select an individual learner or a group and click Next.
5.    Click Specify Report Filters. (Optional) Enter a date range.
6.    Click Add or Remove Report Fields. Select and deselect the fields to display in the report.
7.    Click Create Report.
8.    (Optional) If you selected Individual Learner report in step 3, click the name of any learning object in the generated report. Clicking a name creates a report about the specific learning object.
The table lists the specific information that appears in columns within learner reports. All column headings do not appear in all learner reports.

Column heading Description
Attempts Number of times the learner tried to complete the learning object. (Attempts are tracked at the learning object level only.)
Certificate A system-generated number that proves the learner completed the course, virtual classroom, or curriculum and provides the learner with a unique ID. (Course or curriculum status for a learner must be complete or passed to receive a certificate number.)
Contents If the learning object is a course, the course content type is listed, such as presentation or image.
Last access For a curriculum, the date when any object within the curriculum was last accessed.
Learning object Name of the learning object.
Number complete Learners who completed the learning object.
Number in progress Learners who are still in progress with the learning object.
Number not started Learners who did not start the learning object.
Number of learning assignments Total number of assignments. If the learner is enrolled in a course outside a curriculum, and the course also exists within the curriculum, the item is counted twice.
Score Score achieved on learning objects attempted to date.
Status Where the learner is in the course/curriculum workflow. For example, the learner has not opened the course/curriculum (Not Started), has opened but not completed the course/curriculum (In Progress), or has finished the course/curriculum (Complete).
Type Description of the learning object. For example, course, curriculum, or classroom.
Version accessed If multiple versions of the learning object were uploaded, this column states which version the learner used.
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