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March 16, 2018 /Events /

In AEM – ‘Adaptive’ Inclusion mode removed from External Component for Events

In CQ 5.5 the external component allowed inclusion of 3rd party content rendered in the same CQ page using ‘adaptive’ inclusion mode.
In AEM – ‘adaptive’ inclusion mode removed from the External component

Adobe Connect Hosted/On-Premise

Adaptive mode puts a “do what you like” tool in the hands of an average author who can use it to add unfiltered, un-encoded markup to an otherwise controlled environment – this makes a site susceptible to XSS, phishing, click-jacking and more attacks. even if the author is considered internal, a compromised 3rd party system embedded via external component can add the same risks. These issues were discussed at length between EM and PM, and the security concerns led to the final decision to disable adaptive mode.

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