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April 30, 2019 /HTML client /Meeting /

HTML client can’t use microphone in meetings with telephony | Adobe Connect

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: HTML client can’t use microphone in meetings with telephony.


  • Adobe connect Hosted
  • Adobe connect Version 10.5


  1. Create a meeting with HTML client enabled and include telephony (PGi or MeetingOne).
  2. Open the meeting in Connect Application as the host.
  3. Start telephony.
  4. Join the meeting as HTML client participant.
  5. HTML client asks for permission to speak (raise hand).
  6. Grant microphone rights to HTML participant.
  7. ‘Microphone permission granted’ message appears on HTML participant’s side.





  • This issue is fixed in Adobe Connect version 10.5 which is yet to be released. the issue has been logged as a bug CONN-4112202.



  • If host allows participants to use microphone in Preferences menu, and HTML client joins afterwards (or reloads the meeting), HTML client will be able to use microphone.
  • Participants that joined from Flash can use their microphone in scenario described above.
  • Finally, HTML clients can use microphone in scenario described above if the meeting is VoIP only.
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