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June 7, 2019 /Events /SSO /

How to redirect users for SSO authentication using Event templates | Adobe connect

Objective: How to redirect to SSO authentication for users using event templates.


  • Adobe Connect On-Premise 9.x
  • ACMS 9.x


  1. Log in as Admin. Go to Event Management -> Event Templates, Click Edit template.
  2. Select a template where you want to add SSO button. click Edit to modify an existing template or click Create a Copy button to create a new template. If you’re creating a new template, be sure to enter a name for it (i.e. “Default Template with SSO”).
  3. In edit mode, click the Event Registration link to update the event registration page template.
    ->Under AEM, click to expand the Adobe Connect toolbox.
    ->Drag and drop Link button item from AEM toolbox to page.
  4. Right-click on the button and choose Edit.
  5. Link and Style tab:
    ->Link To: Hyperlink…
    Note: Do not enter the Adobe Connect URL)
  6. Label Tab:
    Modify the Lable field to change the text of button link (i.e. “Login using Organization ID”)
  7. Click OK to save your changes.
  8. Under AEM, open the General toolbox.
  9. Drag and drop the Text item from AEM toolbox to the page and place it under the button.
  10. Right-click on text item and choose Edit,
    Text tab: Customize the text to add instruction on registering via SSO.
  11. Click OK to save your changes.
  12. An Example:
    ->Please click the “Login using Organization ID” button to register using your Organization user id and password.
    ->If you are already logged in (below information is filled in), please click “Submit”.
    ->If you do not have an Organization userid, please register as a guest.
  13. Click Event Login link in the upper part of the template to edit the Login page template.
  14. Drag and drop Link Button item from AEM > Adobe Connect toolbox to the page. Right-click on it and choose Edit.
  15. Link To: Hyperlink…
  16. Hyperlink:
    Note: Do not enter the Adobe Connect URL)
  17. Click on the Label tab, modify the text of button link (i.e. “Login using Organization ID”)
  18. Click OK to save your changes.
  19. Drag and drop “Text” item from AEM > General toolbox to the page under the button.
  20. Right click on the Text item and choose Edit.
  21. Customize the text stating about login via SSO:
    Click on the link above to join the event (click “Join Event” if already logged in) using Organization ID and Password.
    NOTE: Please disregard the empty Password field.
  22. Horizontal separators and other items from AEM toolbox can be used to format text appropriately.
  23. After completing formatting of Registration and Login page templates, go to the second tab in AEM toolbox, click “Activate template”.
  24. Click Yes.
  25. Go to AdobeConnect, go to Event Management -> Event Templates. New template with SSO button should appear in the list and can be used for creating new events.
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