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How To Force a Version of the Connect Meeting Add-in for On-Premise Installations

This article is applicable only to Adobe Connect On-Premise (licensed) installations.  This is not applicable to Adobe Connect Hosted or ACMS customers.

If you require your Adobe Connect system to force a specific version of the Adobe Connect Meeting Add-in, please follow the steps below.

First, take backup of AddInInfo.xml from <CONNECT_HOME>/appserv/common/AddInInfo.xml on all Adobe Connect application servers in your environment (A restart is NOT required for this change to be implemented).

Next, update addininfo.xml:

  1. Open the AddInInfo.xml file on the path: <CONNECT_HOME>/appserv/common/AddInInfo.xml. As shown below (for the 9.6.1 version), the file will have addInVersion for both Mac OS and Windows platform as 11,9,979,0.

    Just edit the following entries:

    <m id=”addInVersion platform=”Windows>11,9,979,0</m>
    <m id=”addInVersion platform=”Mac OS 10>11,9,979,0</m>

  2. Update the file to the values of the Add-in version you want to force; 11.9.980.387 is this example. (changes marked in RED) and then save the file.
    <m id=”addInVersion platform=”Windows>11,9,980,0</m>
    <m id=”addInVersion platform=”Mac OS 10>11,9,980,0</m>

  3. Repeat Steps 1&2 on all the Adobe Connect application servers in the environment.
  4. No restart of services are necessary.

NOTE:  Some clients may cache the version of the Connect Add-in on their local machines.  When troubleshooting client issues, ensure to test after clearing client side cache on the users computer.


1. Replace the backed up AddInInfo.xml  on the following location: <CONNECT_HOME>/appserv/common/AddInInfo.xml.

2. Rollback needs to be don on all the Adobe Connect application servers in your environment.

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