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July 15, 2022 /Meeting /Training /

How to add 50000 users to the participant list of a meeting/training session in Adobe Connect

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: How to enable adding 50000 users to the participant list of the meeting/training.


  • Adobe Connect On-Premise
  • Adobe Connect 10.x and later


  • There are 2 parameters that need to be upsized in order to meet this requirement.
    DB_MAX_ROWS – It defines how many rows can be returned from a single query.
    DB_TRANS_MAX_UPDATES – It defines how many updates can be made within a single transaction.


  • Go to the following path on your Connect Server: \Connect\10.x
  • Create a copy of the custom.ini file.
  • Open the original custom.ini file and add the following entries:
  • Restart the Adobe Connect Service and Adobe Media Server.

Meeting, Training

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