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March 16, 2015 /General /

How do we enable the “Email-Opt-Out” option on Events ?

Description : There are times when users would like to opt out of event invitation emails. To do so please follow the below method.

You can Edit any of the email templates shown below and add this run time field on any template (Depending on your Scheduled Event) which will ultimately be received by the end users via email.  (Event Administrator rights required here.)

  • Absentee Follow Up
  • Approval Pending Notification
  • Attendee Notification
  • Event Cancelled
  • Event Invitation
  • Event Reminder
  • Event Update
  • Registration Approved
  • Registration Denied
  • Thank You
  1. Go to any of the Email Templates shown above and Choose to edit it.
  2. Double click any text component (or add a new one) to add the {event-invitation-opt-out-url} runtime field (the Event Admin can also add a personalized message to convey its usage) For instance check the screen shot below :

Email Opt out


Click on Insert after clicking on the run-time field and hit OK, then you need to activate the template to apply the changes. In the Event Invitation email, the user will get an option to opt-out from further event invitations. Check the screen shot below



Hope this blog would help some of our users who does not know, how to have the “email-opt-out” option enable/available for their users who are attending their events.



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