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October 29, 2013 /General /

High CPU and memory usage after Add-in update to 11.2.385.0

After Connect Add-in update 11.2.385.0, high CPU usage are observed on some of the Windows OSes. This is because of a new functionality added to log the add-in performance. The data is collected using the “process” counter. The issue is because this counter is disabled on some of the systems.

As a workaround the performance monitor library needs to be rebuilt and “perfproc” provider should be enabled as follow:

Click Start, type cmd right click cmd.exe, and select Run as administrator.

At the prompt, type lodctr /r and press ENTER. This will repair the pointers (those are stored in the registry).


C:\Windows\system32>lodctr /r

Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store


After this action it is possible that perfproc providers are disabled. You can check the status with lodctr /q.


C:\Windows\system32>lodctr /q

Performance Counter ID Queries [PERFLIB]:



If it says (Disabled) next to perfproc  provider, you can enable it with lodctr /e:perfproc


This should fix the issue for Windows OSes on English locale. Unfortunately, for other locales, this workaround will not work. Next add-in update will have the fix for this issue.


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