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Error Message in IE-11 when Joining a Connect Meeting

Appending ?launcher-false to any Meeting URL will open the Meeting in the standard browser Flash Player rather then in the Connect Meeting Addin. IE11 users who attempt to launch a Meeting in the browser may run into the following error:


Clicking cancel does not help:


It loops back the Meeting Addin installation option:


The following message appears for IE11 clients who have local admin privileges:


Adding the Connect domain to the trusted sites list in IE11 resolves the issue as does switching to a different browser.

The Microsoft blog article on the topic suggests:

  • Internet Explorer will only warn you once per tab process about out-of-date Flash ActiveX control blocking. All subsequent out-of-date Flash ActiveX controls will be allowed.
  • Users who are not members of the Local Administrators group on the client PC will not see any out-of-date Flash ActiveX control blocks.


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