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March 16, 2018 /Meeting /Telephony /

Dial out fail in MeetingOne audio Conference within connect meeting

Problem Description:
In Adobe Connect 9.7.5, dial out fails when using MeetingOne audio Conference when conference numbers in the audio profile are formatted using a dash “-“, for example: 866-xxx-xxxx.

It throws an error:

Adobe Connect Hosted 9.7.5
Adobe Connect Telephony
MeetingOne Audio provider

Reason behind the behavior :
We have recently discovered a new bug which indicates this has happened post 9.7.5 upgrade.

This issue is still being investigated by our engineering team.

Remove “-” from conference number like 866xxxxxxx and save the audio profile.

Additional Information :
The BUG is under investigation by our Engineering team with High priority and we will update this link once we have further information.

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