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Select eLearning Content Fails to Upload to Adobe Connect with Error Message: Illegal Content

The supported file types for upload to Adobe Connect include the following formats: *.ppt, *.pptx, *.flv, *.swf, *.pdf, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.mp3, *.html, *.mp4, *.f4v or *.zip.

Within a *.zip, a number of possible files may be uploaded. For security reason, obviously there are some limitations.  When attempting to upload a *.zip file, if the upload fails with the error message “illegal content” the *.zip may have a file within it that is restricted. The list of restricted extensions is variable as different possibilities emerge. If a *.zip fails to upload because of executable files types within the *.zip package, please review the content within the problematic *.zip:

The current list of executable extensions that are blocked are: action, apk, app, bat, bin, cmd, com, command, cpl, csh, exe, gadget, inf, ins, inx, ipa, isu, job, jse, ksh, lnk, msc, msi, msp, mst, osx, out, paf, pif, prg, ps1, reg, rgs, run, sct, shb, shs, u3p, vb, vbe, vbscript, workflow, ws, wsf

Some eLearning courses maybe contain a few of these file types hidden within their file structure. The Connect debug.log files will contain a message “Invalid file type * revealing the problematic file that is causing the error message.

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