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Updated January 24, 2020

Using the Adobe Connect Mobile Application on iPAD OS 13

Problem: After upgrading the iOS on any iPad, Adobe Connect rooms will not launch in the Adobe Connect Mobile Application due to a change in workflow prescribed by Apple.

By default, Safari 13 on iPad-OS now loads the Desktop Site option rather than the Mobile Website which invokes the Adobe Connect Meeting Application. This is a new feature introduced in Safari 13 on iPad-OS and the solution for this is pending in Adobe Connect 10.6.1.

To use the Adobe Connect Meeting Application, simply click on the AA icon in address bar and request the Mobile Site. This will restore the previous experience where users are prompted to download or launch the Mobile Website using the Adobe Connect Meeting Application.

You may simply toggle the settings:

Mitigation of this new behavior is included in the upcoming Adobe Connect 10.6.1 update under case number CONN-4116416; we have encoded a means of identifying the iPAD OS and a change in behavior is pending with the new release:

In the mean time, you may also make the Mobile Application the default setting for all or just specific URLs on your iPad under the Settings icon > Safari > Advanced >  Website Data > Edit > Delete (using the red buttons). You may do this to all sites or any Adobe Connect Meeting URLs on your iOS device or simply toggle AA in the icon address bar as shown and request the Mobile Site each time that is your preference:



Also with the advent of Adobe Connect 10.6.1, the HTML5 experience in the mobile browser is much improved over previous versions of Adobe Connect. It will not be long until the Adobe Connect Meeting Application is no longer needed for Meeting participants.

To see when your Adobe Connect Hosted account will be upgraded to 10.6.1, enter your URL into the widget:

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