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Connect desktop app install on computers running Windows ‘N’ edition

Issue Description :

Connect desktop application may not install or launch correctly on computers running “N editions of Windows”.

Following error message may be encountered while trying to install the app or while trying to launch it :

This indicates it requires installation of Windows Media feature pack on your PC which may be missing here. This update can be downloaded from this Microsoft link :

You should install the version applicable to your Windows build version from the link.

Additional Information :

‘N editions of Windows’ include the same functionality as other editions of Windows, except for media-related technologies, Windows Media Player, and certain preinstalled media apps (Groove, Movies & TV, Voice Recorder, and Skype).

The Media Feature Pack provides a way for a customer to restore these excluded technologies. For more details this Microsoft link could be visited and reviewed.

Adobe Connect App for Windows, Windows 10

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