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Completed HTML5 Courses Created from Adobe Presenter Content Remain Open After Completion

Publish a PPTX in HTML5 in Adobe Presenter and upload it to the Adobe Connect Content Library in Connect Central and wrap it in an Adobe Connect Course, the enrolled trainees do not show as completed in Reports unless there is a quiz embedded. The completion criterion of just viewing the slides int he deck will not trigger a completion status. Simply looking at all the slides – clicking thru them or waiting the default 5 seconds per slide to playback will not result in a completion status for the Course.

If  there is a quiz in a PPTX and it is published to HTML5 (with the right settings under the Manage button) then all is well, and the Course shows completion in Connect reports when a trainee clicks through The current workaround then, for those Adobe Connect Courses without an embedded quiz,  is to add a simple quiz slide at the end – click here to finish.

Another option is to publish as SWF, since this only affects HTML5. A direct upload of the PPTX to Connect works fine when wrapped in a Course.

To be clear about the test workflow proving the need for this workaround, I published a PPTX without a quiz thru Presenter 11.1 to the Adobe Connect AR cluster on with Connect chosen as the Reporting option under the Presenter Manage button and HTML5 chosen as publish option and wrapped it in a course in Connect Central. The trainee I enrolled in the course walked thru all the slides in the on-demand Course content but has not got the coveted completed status. A bug is open on this with the Adobe Connect Engineering team; while we wait for resolution, the workaround is very simple as a quiz check-block anywhere in the deck will solve this.

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