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Camera Automatically Zooms in Close in Classic View

We have had a few escalations over the years around cameras zooming in. They include one that is marked fixed: Video zooms on changing video quality preference to HD, this was reported as fixed in Connect 11. It is sand-boxed Flash in the Adobe Connect Meeting Application in Classic view that has issues. In Standard View this is all set. There are no issues with zooming outside of Classic View. See Peter’s demo of the issue here:

The issue is intermittent if not selective and you may not see it; this is one possible way you might reproduce the issue if it is going to happen at all:

  • Create a meeting on C11 server
  • Enter the meeting in Classic View as the host.
  • As a host, publish video in video pod.
  • Go to preferences and change to video quality to HD

Result : video gets zoomed in; we had traced this to an issue with non-native resolution on a camera in some cases.

We had some other cases: Video pod zooms or even corrects the zoom automatically after resizing the pod. In this and in another case we used the APIs to help solve the issue; if you must use Classic view, it may help to run these APIs.

Run API-1 on the account first and test if that resolves their issue. If it does not, then run API-2 on the account.

API-1: https://{server-name}/api/xml?action=acl-field-update&acl-id={account-id}&field-id=meeting-camera-low-max-widescreen-resolution&value=427×240&field-id=meeting-camera-medium-max-widescreen-resolution&value=427×240&field-id=meeting-camera-standard-max-widescreen-resolution&value=854×480&field-id=meeting-camera-high-max-widescreen-resolution&value=1280×720&field-id=meeting-camera-dynamic-widescreen-resolution-set&value=427×240,427×240,854×480,1280×720&field-id=meeting-camera-account-settings-enabled&value=true

API-2: https://{server-name}/api/xml?action=acl-field-update&acl-id={account-id}&field-id=meeting-camera-low-max-widescreen-resolution&value=854×480&field-id=meeting-camera-medium-max-widescreen-resolution&value=854×480&field-id=meeting-camera-standard-max-widescreen-resolution&value=854×480&field-id=meeting-camera-high-max-widescreen-resolution&value=1280×720&field-id=meeting-camera-dynamic-widescreen-resolution-set&value=854×480,854×480,854×480,1280×720&field-id=meeting-camera-account-settings-enabled&value=true

I have in some cases suggested installing a third-party app on the client called ManyCam ( It adds a bunch of features to the camera but for our purposes it serves as a layer between the camera hardware and the camera pod -it adds control and uniformity.

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