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August 27, 2012 /Application /Install /

Adobe Connect Upgrade Error | Port 80 in use | Win 2003 / 2008

Problem :

My Adobe Connect service doesn’t start and I cannot get the login page to come up;

Reason :

The Adobe Connect service will not start or will not open the login page, if the server’s port 80 is in use, by any other application/process.

Solution :

Port 80 can be in use by other web servers[like IIS,Apache Tomcat], if installed on the same machine, as the Connect server machine. It is highly recommended, that you should ensure that no other application (or IIS), is listening on port 80.

Additionally, if you’re running on a Win 2003/2008 server, and if you have your SQL server installed on the same box as Connect, it is very likely that you might run into this issue.

SQL Server Reporting service on Windows 2003/2008, are bound to listen on port 80 by default. This would prohibit Adobe Connect, to start or launch the login page, since the port would be occupied, by the SQL’s reporting service. To fix this problem, ensure that this service is not running or listening on port 80.

In order to ensure that, port 80 is not in use by this service, we can run the following command to find out :

  • Open a command prompt window on the Connect server
  • Run the command netstat -a -b
  • This command determines, the list of ports, which are in use by the system, along with their process names, & via this process name, we can identify, which service/process, is using port 80.
  • If you find port 80 in use by a system.exe process, which has a Process Id(Pid) 4, ensure your SQL Server’s Reporting service is not running.
  • Once this service is stopped or alternately configured to listen on any other port, you should be able to start the Adobe Connect service successfully and get to the login page as well.


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