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August 24, 2012 /Recording /

Adobe Connect Recording Grey pod | Displays Nothing is being shared

Problem :

I have an Adobe Connect recording that does not display the content that was shared in the meeting. It comes up with a grey pod instead which says : “Nothing is being shared”

My content was visible to everyone during the live session, however, its now blank in the recording.


You might be running into this issue when the content that was being brought in the share pod, has some permission conflicts, with the permissions of the user, who brought it to the room, or with the meeting.

Steps to avoid the problem :

The permissions issue has been seen to occur in such cases, where, if the host of the meeting was not a part of actual Meeting Hosts group, but, rather was a promoted guest. Such user, although gets permissions to facilitate the meeting with complete host rights, however, the user is not able to get proper permissions on the content which is being brought in the meeting and which is why the content fails to display in the share pod.

This issue can also surface if the host of the affected meeting room was not a host of the meeting template, where this content was originally uploaded.


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