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October 6, 2012 /Application /General /

Adobe Connect 9 | Contents won’t load in iFrames

Problem :

Since we’ve got our Adobe Connect servers upgraded to version 9, our contents embedded in iFrames have stopped working.

None of our contents and recordings seem to work now from our website in any browser we use. This has always used to work, since a couple of months, until just a few days ago.

Environment :

Adobe Connect   Hosted/Licensed

Reason :

  • If you have integrated your Adobe Connect contents or recordings, with an external LMS system or on an external website for users, via the use of iFrames, and if your Adobe Connect server is upgraded to version 9, you might run into this issue.
  • Adobe has recognized this to be caused due to a known bug : Bug#3313120.

Solution :

** This has been fixed with Connect version 9 now **

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