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Adobe Connect 12.5.1 Mac OS Requirements

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The latest Adobe Connect client desktop application for Mac users now requires Mac OS 12.0 and above.

As of December 2023 supported Mac OS versions are Mac OS  12.0, 13.0 and 14.0 (including dot minor releases)

To find your Mac OS version click the Apple logo on the top left of your Mac and then click About This Mac > Overview. Example:

In the above example (refresh your browser if the image is not displayed) the Mac is running Mac OS version 12.6.6 and the latest Adobe Connect application will install without issue.

If you are using an older Mac running Mac OS 11.x, or lower, the install of the latest Adobe Connect application will not complete.

Options for this are as follows:

  • Update your Mac to the latest OS version using the Software Update button under: About This Mac > Overview. After updating you can then proceed with installing the latest Adobe Connect application from here.

  • You can join the room in any supported Browser, using the Continue in Browser option. If using Enhanced AV rooms you can use all Host and Presenter and Participant features in Browser.

  • If you wish, or need, to remain on your current Mac OS, and it is lower than version 12.0, you can download the last supported Adobe Connect application installer from here.
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