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6 Habits of Successful Webinar Program Managers

HabitsWhile a webinar program manager is often head down working hard in the nitty gritty details of webinar production, the most successful webinar managers habitually choose to take time to focus on the bigger picture. Here are six habits that make webinar marketers successful:

  1. Industry Trends and hot topics

High performing program managers stay abreast of relevant industry trends and tuned into hot topics of interest to their target audience. This habit arms the webinar manager with the knowledge needed to continually produce sold-out webinars.  Their brand is known to be on the cutting edge and is able to garner the rapt attention of its target industry.

  1. Thought leader relationships

The best webinar program managers network with thought leaders in their industry and build mutually beneficial relationships. These thought leaders may be individuals or organizations highly esteemed by the manager’s target audience. Building these relationships helps the manager build a network of speakers that can be relied upon to help deliver cutting edge content, as well as assist the manager in staying on top of emerging trends.

  1. Email marketing

While a webinar program manager may spend the majority of the time handling webinar production logistics, highly effective managers go above and beyond to understand every aspect of marketing related to their program and how it impacts their program. They often don the hat of an email marketer because they know that tracking and studying the webinar invitation, confirmation and reminder email statistics will guide them to improve webinar titles, descriptions, timing and registration processes.

  1. Campaign tracking

Many managers do not take the time to analyze where their webinar registrants are coming from. Successful managers do – all the way down to specific social media sites and each different banner ad on each different website. They know that implementing and utilizing campaign tracking helps them drive registrations even higher for future webinars by optimizing their promotion budget and fine tuning their target demographics.

  1. Audience pulse

The best webinar program managers go beyond driving registrations and producing flawless events – they continually take the pulse of the audience during the webinar. They want to understand what content most engages the audience and what content attendees are consuming during the webinar. In-webinar analytics tell them which speakers are most engaging, what type of slides capture attention and what handouts drive the most downloads.

  1. Technology power use

Top-notch webinar producers go beyond understanding the basic functionality of the webinar platform they use. They dig in deep and become power users of the technology, pushing it to its limits and finding new and unique ways to use the product to engage their audience. Their knowledge gives them the power to produce riveting experiences, which boosts their brand reputation and generates high quality leads.

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