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No one wants to see a demo of your product

Ok, that’s not entirely true.  But it is true in most cases as a first touch.

If you are in the B2B marketing space you are already aware of how tough it is to get the attention of your target audience.  Trying to get attention by dishing up an invite to an online demo of your product is not going to get the job done… unless you know each other already.

Try offering some value first – a thought leadership or educational webinar with a luminary speaker that provides your audience with some best practices or tips on how to do their job better that’s relevant to what you’re marketing.

Thought leadership or educational webinars do two things for you – attract the right audience into your lead generation funnel and start a relationship with your target audience by providing some value up-front with a soft touch. Once you have started out the relationship on the right foot, you can now try inviting them to see a demo of your product or service. Here are a few ways to get that done both during your first-touch thought leadership webinar and after:

–          Include a slide about your product in a rotating slide deck on your Lobby layout before the thought leadership event begins

–          During your very brief welcome, let people know briefly about an upcoming opportunity to learn about your product (notice I used ‘brief’ twice)

–          Provide a solution overview document for download from a File Share pod in one of your layouts for interested attendees

–          Plan a 10 minute breakout session after the webinar is over for those who want to stick around to learn more about your product

–          Include a link to the next product demo webinar on your post-event thank-you/we-missed-you emails

–          Send the entire registration list an invite to your next product demo after the webinar

Here at Adobe we have seen a 500% conversion lift just by implementing this concept into our webinar program.  Give it a shot!


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