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Generate Leads the Sales Team will Love with Webinars

Roger Courville,  the Chief Aha! Officer at1080 Group, LLC, recently delivered a webinar on our behalf and wrote a follow-up paper on this topic. It was fantastic and I’d like to share an excerpt from that paper here:

Every organization would like to have more sales leads. As MarketingSherpa has found, however, marketers’ top concern is generating quality leads . Why? In a world of overwhelming data and possibilities, sales teams need to more effectively prioritize their time and approach prospects in the most relevant way possible.

Webinars uniquely enable marketers to conquer this challenge as they plan, promote, and produce webinars and webinar programs to fuel deep, actionable insights for sales teams.

And here are the tips that followed:

Planning: Approach webinars differently than other forms of content
Planning: Use the webinar life cycle as its own nurturing campaign
Planning: Teach the sales team how to use the deeper insights
Promoting: Customize email marketing for webinar-specific communication
Promoting: Find your “others”
Promoting: Advertise “access to the expert” as an explicit benefit
Producing: Design interactions to gather insights that fuel sales follow up
Producing: Don’t lose attendees due to controllable factors
Producing: Use webinar follow up emails to promote further engagement

I strongly recommend giving the entire paper a read and/or watch the webinar recording.

Happy marketing!


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